Liver cancer risk increases as your waistline expands, with a 38% increased risk for every 5% increase in men’s body-mass index (BMI). As reported by the Telegraph, a study undertaken by the American Cancer Society reviewed data from 14 separate studies which took into account information from 1.57 million US adults.  The researchers also found that the risk of developing liver cancer is associated with increased waistline – almost 10% increased risk per every 2-inches of growth of the waistline.  This research supports liver cancer’s inclusion as one of the cancers associated with obesity. Given that liver cancer can show no symptoms until it is incurable, knowing and managing your risk can be crucial to help survival.  Healthy eating and exercise are crucial to reducing your risk of many cancers, as well as other serious conditions like Type-2 diabetes.  More information is available from sources such as NHS Choices and the Liver Cancer Trust.