We are now just five weeks away from Men’s Health Week, which runs from 14th to 20th June.

This year the week takes on particular significance in light of the twice-as-high male mortality rate from Covid-19. This in turn is thought to be influenced by chronic health conditions disproportionately experienced by men, such as heart and lung disease, along with male-dominated jobs that put them at greater risk, such as bus and taxi drivers.

The extended period of lockdown and social isolation has also taken its toll on men’s mental health, who are at particular risk due to a number of factors intensified by social distancing measures -- men tend to have smaller social networks and are less likely to reach out for help. Men are also more likely to become alcohol dependant and have their mental health suffer disproportionately from economic downturns.

Men’s Health Week this year is a fantastic opportunity to highlight these pressing concerns for men and boys’ wellbeing. If you or your organisation doesn’t yet have plans to mark the week, the Men’s Health Forum has a wealth of resources to download for free on their website: https://www.menshealthforum.org.uk/mhw