Sir David Spiegehalter a statistician and Chairman of the Winston Centre for Risk and Evidence at Cambridge has crunched some Covid data on the number of people who have died from Covid-19 over the 10 week peak spanning March 28th to June 5th. And he found that in his opinion for the majority of us, the risk was so small it "would normally be deemed an acceptable part of life".

For children he suggests the risks are tiny. For those in the 0 to 4 age bracket, there were just three covid confirmed deaths - around one in a million or just 1 per cent of the average deaths you would expect in that age group. However, his work shows that the risk of Covis-19 killing you doubles every five to six years.

"For the over 90's the risk is more akin to flying a mission with bomber Command during the second world war"! But he also says it would be wrong to think that only the very old are vulnerable. From age 45, the risk of dying with Covid starts to become more significant, especially for men.